Flat Roof Overlay

flat roof overlay

Kansas City Flat Roof Overlay

The Kansas City Flat Roof Company has specialized in the construction and maintenance of commercial and industrial flat roofs for over 30 years in Kansas City's the metropolitan and surrounding areas. Our unmatched expertise has allowed us to find solutions for every flat roof situation, including highly innovative flat roof overlays, a unique process where our technicians lay a fresh layer of membrane over the top of your building's existing roof.

Our Process

Our process beings with a complementary inspection of your building's current flat roof situation. Our expert technicians will assess the condition of the roof, looking for blistering and other signs of wear and tear from years of use.

If we determine that a flat roof overlay is the best solution for your building, we will begin construction by identifying and removing any blistered or otherwise damaged areas of the roof. Once the blisters and damaged areas are attended to, we will add a new layer of TPO or modified bitumen over the existing layer of roof, and seal it with a leak free membrane.

If you are interested in the repairs or installation of a flat roof for your commercial or industrial building, contact us today! Kansas City Flat Roof Company will provide you with a free estimate for your roofing needs.
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